Sjarel Ex on Boerenverstand

Farmers collecting their new field gates

Sjarel Ex, director of museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, nominated Boerenverstand amongst his three favourite Dutch designs. ‘What appeals to me is the connection between tradition and the present. It also brings back memories of how we used to climb over gates when we were children.’ (from: Trouw, September 2008)

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A field gate in situ

Wooden field gates are landmarks in the flat Dutch landscape. The Vechtstreek (the area along the Vecht river, between Utrecht and Amsterdam) used to host many field gates. They were hand made… Read More…


Book of planks

Boerenverstand book cover

The book is published as part of ‘Boerenverstand’. It reflects on the meaning and value of local identity, discusses the research method of Christiaansen and Montens, and gives an insight in the design process of the project. Read More…


Wood stories poster

Boerenverstand poster

During the design process, Christiaansen and Montens did a lot of fieldwork, in search for the stories that would reveal the local identity of the area. The wooden planks proved to be real catalysts of individual stories. Read More…


Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink on Boerenverstand (in Dutch)

Boerenverstand, Pieces of wood on farm courtyard

Jurgen Bey en Rianne Makkink: ‘Op de recente tentoonstelling Borders, over de verstrengeling van de natuur met kunst & cultuur, in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, stond een groot hek; een weidehek zoals je dat qua vorm kent uit je geheugen, een hek zoals je het tekent. Het bleek te zijn samengesteld uit oude planken, van afgebroken schuren en ander resthout van boeren uit de Vechtstreek, en vervolgens te zijn overgoten met een zwarte, rubberachtige coating.’ Read More…