Binckhorst Beings


Baking a cake with polyurethane. De Binckhorst, 2014 – 2016

On March 30, 2015, a special association was established in The Hague Binckhorst: the Loge des Créatures du Binckhorst. Eight producing companies from the area (ABS Den Elzen, BAM Wegen, Binnenstadgarage, Cementbouw, De Lunchboxx, Maison Kelder, Repro- van de Kamp, De Vos Verf) have united in the first section of the Loge to share specific knowledge and expertise of their companies.

When you drive, cycle or walk through the industrial area, it is often guesswork about what is produced in the various production halls and what materials and production techniques are used. That is why Krijn Christiaansen and Cathelijne Montens rang the bell at the manufacturing companies in the area and asked, “what is your favorite machine or tool?”

With this inventory as a guideline, the Loge members have looked beyond the walls of each other’s companies and investigated whether each other’s machine parks can be combined and used to develop new products or services.

A year later, the results of this unique collaboration were realized. Together with the designers, the members of the Loge developed the Binckhorst Beings, permanent markings in the public space that show what the industrial area has to offer. With the Binckhorst Beings, the companies want to strengthen the identity of the Binckhorst as a maker’s area and put their companies on the map in a phase when the area is being drastically changed.

Commisioned by Mobiel Projectbureau OpTrek and supported by the municipality of The Hague , Stichting DOEN and the BPD Cultuurfonds

Online publication about the project at Publiek Gemaakt (in Dutch only)

Binkhorst Being of ABS autoherstel insitu
Binckhorst Being about the composition of concrete