‘Boxwood vs. Jos L.’, the testimony of the Boxwood

On this field in the Amstelpark the testimony of the boxwood took place

‘Boxwood vs. Jos L.’ is one of the four audio plays that form the sound work Floriade Whisperings.

In 2015, the Amstelpark features in the video clip Drank & Drugs (Lil’ Kleine and Ronnie Flex). A number of human animals hump a boxwood, a tree and a lawn. The park visitor can listen to the testimony of boxwood. She talks about the power game between humans and plants and the effects of transgressive behaviour. She reveals that she was diagnosed with Cydalima perspectalis (boxwood moth) shortly after the incident. Due to this moth, all boxwood trees have now been cleared.

Concept and research: Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM), Text: Pim Muda, Voice actors: Maarten Wansink, Gaby Milder, Pim Muda, Sound design: Tijn Hazen, Translation: Ton Heuvelmans