Floriade Whisperings

The history of a park told from the perspective of plants. Amstelpark, Amsterdam, 2018 – 2022

The sound work Floriade Whisperings consists of four audio plays on location in which the history of the Amstelpark is told from the perspective of plants. 

This work aims to raise awareness of other residents of the Amstelpark, a park that was created in 1972 for the Floriade Horticulture World Fair.

Many of the plants were specially planted for this show, others were added later accidentally or deliberately. They are silent witnesses to the park’s collective memory. They have seen the spatial and architectural elements emerge and partially disappear again and have seen the different forms of management, the visitor flows and the events pass by.

The work is accessible on your smartphone via the QR codes provided on the different locations in the park. Wear headphones to experience the full effect of the original recording. On this map you can find the exact locations.

Floriade Whisperings has been developed in collaboration with Zone2Source, a platform for art, nature & technology in Het Glazen Huis, Rietveld Huis en Orangerie in the Amstelpark. This project is made possible by Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Niemeijer Fund Foundation