Loge des créatures du Binckhorst

Together with graphic designers WE-ARE-AMP we developed an indentity for the Loge to unite and facilitate the secret bond between the different companies. At the first meeting of the Loge the following statutes were developed:

  1. stimulating the exchange of knowledge and skills between the 8 members
  2. setting up collaborations between the 8 members
  3. jointly and simultaneously realizing 8 binckhorst beings
  4. offering mutual support during this realization
  5. placing 8 Binckhorst Beings in the public space of the Binckhorst
  6. strengthen the identity of the Binckhorst
  7. increase the findability of the 8 members on the Binckhorst
  8. showing the available knowledge and skills at the binckhorst
  9. recruiting new members in order to set up new unites (who endorse the above goals)

Every Loge member received a special pin. You can only attend the meetings wearing this pin.

A special facade plaque has been developed to mark the buildings for the secret meetings.