NAR hiking trail

Character drawing for storyboard

A walking route of 9.6 km along 25 points near the town of Zeeland in North Brabant. This NAR route (New Arcadian Route) is part of the Art on the A50 project. The stroll routes of the NAR take you through the highway landscape of the Brabant part of the A50.

Walking through the area you will learn more about the origins and future of this beautiful nature reserve. The works of art in the route introduce you to the start and end points of the so-called ‘dreven’. The structure of straight lanes has traditionally been created to make De Maashorst accessible to sheeps and their shepherds and beekeepers with their bee colonies. There you will now find contemporary works of art, which also serve as a signpost, sheep shearing place, beehive and entrance gate to the wisent’s settling area.

You can download this walking route as an app for your telephone from the website: brabant vertelt. Stop motion animations for this app are made by Jelle van Meerendonk.