Seascape De Opperd

De Opperd is an elementary school for children with serious behavioural problems. The newly-built school was designed by Topos Architects using neutral and natural colours, special lighting programmes in the classrooms. The building is adorned by posters with clear behaviour rules. KCCM was assigned to design a schoolyard with several integrated functionalities like a soccer field, a sandpit, a climbing tower and a bike-practising trail. In order to avoid overstimulation of the children, KCCM was asked to keep the spatial layout for these activities very sober.

An impressive old tree dominating the centre of the schoolyard needed a very large container for its roots. The different activities were then arranged around the tree like islands which are connected with each other via the bike trail. White lines separate the trail from the “water” which is symbolized by different water patterns in blue applications. The water patterns showcase the different phases that water can have, like waves, raindrops and steam. The tetrapod elements circulate around the yard as seating and climbing elements for the children.