‘The little train’, the Yew tree’s monologue

The yew tree, freshly pruned

‘The little train’ is one of the four audio plays that form the sound work Floriade Whisperings.

Behind the Belgian monastery garden stands a yew tree. The story goes that in the Floriade era, it was pruned in the shape of a dove of peace. Anyone who sees this oversized yew tree now, would not be able to guess that this once was its original form. He rather looks like a big, bloated Mickey Mouse. In this monologue, the yew talks about its gradual transformation and the way in which it is carefully pruned every year by various gardeners with the best intentions. Nevertheless, he cannot get used to its imposed identity. 

Concept and research: Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (KCCM), Text: Pim Muda, Voice actor: Olaf Malmberg, Sound design: Tijn Hazen, Translation: Ton Heuvelmans