Heklucht winner Dutch Design Awards

Heklucht winner Dutch Design Awards 2006

Heklucht, designed by Krijn Christiaansen en Jeroen Bruls, is winner of the Dutch Design Awards 2006 in the category ‘public space products’. The jury called it ‘a new Dutch design icon that is so simple that it is incredible no one created  it ever before’.

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Heklucht on the pavement in front of a house in Ypenburg

Heklucht is a combination of a bike stand and tire pump and is originally developed for an art project in Ypenburg, a newly built monofunctional Dutch residential area. Read More…


Heklucht is for sale

Meanwhile, Heklucht has been developed into a heavy-duty public bike pump and is placed along bicycle paths, in city centers, near train stations and bicycle parks, on boulevards, campuses and airports and other sites in the Netherlands and abroad. Read More…