The evocative power of a building site


Heap of sand in Houten

Heap of sand in Houten

Commissioned by Gemeente Houten. In collaboration with Matthijs Bosman and Sjaak Langenberg. 2003-2006

The residents’ power of imagination to envision their future kitchens in the concrete foundations, plus the images and rituals of construction in the newest part of Houten, served as the inspiration for the art project ‘Saudade’ that took place in Houten South. ‘Saudade’ consists of five works of art, a number of temporary activities based around these works, and a photography competition for residents of this new neighbourhood. The artworks function as visual recollections of the adventurous early years of the neighbourhood. They show that an unfinished neighbourhood offers more to the imagination than a place where every playground has been delineated in a ready-to-use neighbourhood.

text by Sjaak Langenberg