Houten dunes

Marram Grass growing on miniature dune landscape

Marram grass growing on miniature dune landscape

An inhabitant of the Dutch town Houten, who had just returned from holiday on the island Texel, discovered to her surprise that a dune landscape had appeared opposite her house. Initially the inhabitants of Houten, where 7000 new houses were planned, assumed that building was going to recommence in their neighbourhood. Thirty-two lorries full of sand had been trucked in. The familiar building routines were repeating themselves. But within a few days the salty smelling building sand had been transformed into a dunescape. Marram grass, a pioneer plant extensive rhizomes, was planted to keep the sand together. Once the grass was strong enough, the fences around the dunes were removed and the new miniature landscape was officially opened.

Couple walking through Houten dunes

The houten dunes are embedded in the existing infrastructure of the neighbourhood

Houten dunes overgrown with Marram Grass



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