Modular elements for playgrounds


Seascape, modular landscape for playgrounds

Commissioned by Stroom Den Haag, Stimuleringsfonds and various elementary schools in The Hague. 2010-present

Seascape is part of out long-term studies into lightweight foundation and modular design in the public space. With Seascape, an unfurnished schoolyard can easily be transformed into a playground where children can sit, climb and play. It was designed for a number of The Hague schools and consists of groupings of separate modules, which can be placed and moved as needed. The basic element for this, is a miniaturized coastal defense element: by connecting it to a shelf, a bench can be constructed; filled with garden soil, it becomes a planter; an adapter turns it into an umbrella holder. When stacking blocks, formations reminiscent mountains or islands can be formed.

When the spatial composition for a square is determined, the modules can be fixed on the spot by filling them with gravel or water, a principle common in civil engineering, for example in creating roadblocks or dikes. The design remains flexible and can be adapted to future developments of the school, such as an extension, and can serve as a temporary solution. The absence of conventional foundation provides a substantial material and time saving.

Seascape, modular landscape for playgrounds, exploded view